This month

Mon 20 October:  “The Cruel Victory: The French Resistance and the Battle for the Vercors 1944”. 

Paddy Ashdown tells of the uprising and subsequent massacre on the Vercors massif.  As the Allied troops stormed the D-Day beaches, the Vercors rose up to fight the Nazis in a planned rearguard action.  It was the largest French Resistance action of the entire war, and the most brutal crushing of resistance forces in Western Europe.  The story, long overlooked by English language histories, resonates still in France’s daily life and politics.  Signed copies available at the event.

Don’t forget to bring your £3.00 annual subscription if you haven’t paid already.


Events are normally held on the third Monday evening in the month.

6.45 for 7.15pm at the Durning Library

Light refreshments. Everyone welcome.

No admission charge, but a £2 donation towards costs is invited.



After the very successful Table Top Sale on 14 June, where we raised over £250, thanks mainly to Cathy Preece and the Kennington Companions, Cathy has kindly offered to continue selling unwanted books, CDs, DVDs, Blue Rays and Amazon games to help raise funds for us. Please make every effort to support this, either by bringing your donations to the blue bin in the Library or delivering to Cathy direct.  Please contact if you wish to do that or have any questionsSALES OF BOOKS, CDs, DVDs, ETC



Further to our very successful RVT birthday event on 2 September, Robin’s fantastic hand-drawn map of the area remains on display in the Durning for the rest of this month and he would welcome your input.  If you have not yet seen this beautiful and informative work, please don’t miss this opportunity.  He comments:

I have spent the last 4 weeks researching and drawing a large map of the area around the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. As well as showing Vauxhall as it is now, it also depicts scenes of historical interest going back 250 years and is an instant way of being able to see the main developments that have taken place. The map is currently on display in the corridor at the Durning Libary and I will be continuing to work on it every Wednesday and Friday.  Please do call by and feel free to share any knowledge you might have which could be included on the map, and indeed to correct any errors I might have committed! I am planning to make copies of the drawing once it is complete- no idea at this stage how much it will be, but please do let me know if you might be interested. 
Robin Whitmore