Forthcoming FoDL events

Please note, there is no regular event in August. The next talk will be:

Monday 16 September, 6:45 at Durning Library

Virginia Woolf at Morley College

At Morley College between 1905 and 1907 young Virginia Stephen (later Woolf) taught history, art history, English and poetry. Clara Jones of King’s College London introduces Stephen’s only record of it: an unpublished ‘Morley sketch’ which rehearses ideas and anxieties about gender, class and professionalism – themes that in 1915 would be central to her first novel The Voyage Out.

Part of Lambeth Heritage Festival.

6.45 for 7.15pm at the Durning Library. Light refreshments. Everyone is welcome. There is no admission charge, but a £2 donation towards costs is invited.


Monday, 21 October 2019

Chris Mullin on The Friend of Harry Perkins, published in March this year: “the long-awaited sequel to his best-selling A Very British Coup; a tantalising human drama woven around the big issues of the day: Brexit, the rise of English nationalism and the looming confrontation between America and China.