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We were delighted to welcome Prof. Clare Gerada on 23 February 2017 to the Durning to talk about medical myths. Clare provided a stimulating discussion dispelling some of the myths we’ve all grown up with. From old wives’ tales about butter treating burns (don’t!) to the confusion caused by the way we comprehend risks and interpret the statistics that are thrown at us every day. The message? Be wary of unrealistic claims. Don’t assume screening is harmless. Our bodies are able to repair and regulate. Eat healthily. Enjoy life.

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On Monday, 16 January, Neil Bright took us on A Wander Through Wartime Southwark.


Neil is the author of “Southwark in the Blitz,” an account using first hand stories, ARP reports and local newspaper coverage. If you’d like to know more about wartime Southwark and how to interpret the use of white blackout paint, he has produced a book, Southwark in the Blitz.



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